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The story of the Acapulco chair

The history of the Acapulco chair seems to be born in the 50s. We would like to share a little more than the legend and tell you on this page the story that this chair now shares with us.

Back to the 50's : the legend of the Acapulco chair

The legends are unanimous : there have been a tourist, sometimes designer, sometimes accompanied by a Mexican designer. Due to the heat and the sun, the tourist, sometimes Dutch, sometimes French, like any other tourist, wanted to enjoy the sun.

The designer was inspired by Maya braiding techniques which puts a doubt on the location of this creation, between the Yucatan (Maya State) and Guerrero (the state of the city of Acapulco).

All legends agree that the chair, born in the 50s, had a great success and that the greatest Hollywood stars of those years would have sat on it during their passage in the blue city of Acapulco. On this point we emerge a slight doubt, because despite many years of research, we have not found any picture, video or anything relating these facts. It is often read that Elvis Presley, Maryline Monroe or John Fitzgerald Kennedy sat in those years on these chairs. However, despite JFK's Honey Moon, Elvis's "Fun in Acapulco" clip and Maryline's poolside shooting scenes; there is no trace of the Acapulco chair.

Nos recherches concernant le Fauteuil Acapulco depuis 2007:

In 2007 Julien Adam founder of BOQA moved to Mexico and discovered the Acapulo chair. the chair has no known designer and it is manufactured everywhere with more or less alien finishes.
It is found with a more or less round shape between the perfect round and a pronounced pear shape.
Some will call it awkwardly, egg chair even if there is one designed by Arne Jacobsen in 1958 that bears his name and has nothing to do. Others, in Acapulco itself, call it chair Alacran (scorpion) but the researches on this denomination are vain.
The chair has 3 feet, the circumference varies from 74 to 80 centimeters and the height of the chair with the inclination of the seat between 80 cm and 1m. It can be seen in round steel, or in rebar. that some prefer for a more raw and more autentic aspect. From 2009 Julien has the idea to bring back chair in Europe.

He then defined his ideal allying the best standards of quality and comfort found on the different fabrications he had been able to meet until then. A lounge chair position, a wide span and a very high backrest that takes the whole of the head. He chose a foot sledge triangle to prevent the feet from entering the earth or sand.
Quality level he will choose what is available on site, a fairly flexible pvc yarn and a well finished paint.
The design once frozen, the first production is launched in 2010 and was back in 2011 in Bordeaux that Julien starts distributing its Acapulco chairs.
At the same time other Europeans will have had the same idea. The exhibition "Cajas en Transito" which starts in 2008 crosses Europe, passing through Madrid, Paris, London, Cophenagh. The exhibition features classic Mexican furniture pieces such as the Equipal chair.
The mention unknown designer has launched European entrepreneur like Julien on the import of Acapulco chairs.
"A few years after 2013 the distribution chains seeing the success of the Acapulco Chair starts to launch low-cost fabrications.Also we can really call it an Acapulco chair? Some large chain of distribution will call it Copacabana for illusion or even let's just leave the term Scoubidou armchair to avoid any comparison.
We will come back later on what we can call or not a real Acapulco chair. "

Characteristics of a real Acapulco chair ?

Legally speaking there is no false Acapulco chair since the designer is unknown, the original design too and there is no initial manufacturer that can enlighten us. Given the mystery of this creation, it is hard to say that there is an original chair acapulco, because the first traces that we have of the armchairs are multiple, and as explained in the preceding paragraph, it existed Numerous shapes, finishes and quality of Acapulco chair.
As an Acapulco chair manufacturer, we are often solicited on this issue. We are often told that the chair has many copies, often poorly made and at much lower prices.

Our answer is:
A real Acapulco chair has the following dimentions; a span between 74 and 80 centimeters wide, the depth of the backrest and about 1 meter. The central circle where the thread passes is perfectly round and measures between 8 and 10 cm. The outer round is ovoid, pear-shaped with a wide seat and a shape that narrows at the back. The structure is made of round steel about 12 mm. The wire is full and has a diameter of 5 mm.
It is difficult to find a real new Acapulco chair for less than 300 € each in France and Europe. So beware of scams that promise you a set of two chairs and a table at 150 € and also barred prices that can be found at the discounter. When you look a little more you often find the name of the company that distributes them without barred prices to less than 100 €.