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The history of the mythical Acapulco Chair

The legend of the Acapulco Chair from the 1950s

Although history has not named the designer of the Acapulco Chair, the legends are all unanimous as to its birth in the 1950s.

It would simply be at the request of a French tourist in Mexico, wishing to enjoy sunbathing on a chair that would allow the air to circulate, that this famous "egg" chair would have been designed. Far from the city of Acapulco (state of Guerrero), the designer was inspired by Mayan weaving techniques (state of Yucatán). 

So why Acapulco? In the 1950s, all the Hollywood stars and wealthy Mexicans frequented this fashionable seaside town on Mexico's Pacific coast. Elvis Presley, Maryline Monroe and even John Fitzgerald Kennedy were said to have enjoyed the comfortable seating of Acapuclo chairs during their stay. But the myth remains, as there are no documents to prove these claims. 

In any case, it will become an icon of Mexican design. 

The Acapulco Chair : the icon of Mexican design 

Although the Acapulco Chair was somewhat neglected at the end of the 20th century, it returned to the forefront in 2008. 

The "Cajas en Transito" exhibition, which travelled through Europe via Madrid, Paris, London and Copenhagen, highlighted Mexican design. The traditional Equipal armchair is on display, but the Acapulco armchair in particular is labelled "designer unknown". The armchair has 3 legs, the circumference varies from 74 to 80 centimeters and the height of the armchair with the inclination of the seat between 80 cm and 1 m. It can be seen in steel or concrete iron giving a more raw and authentic look.

This undeclared design offers a free interpretation in the edition of this model, whether handmade or industrial.

This is how, in 2010, Julien started importing and then manufacturing in France this armchair with a vintage and timeless design according to precise specifications offering comfort and resistance. He wanted a lounge chair, which invites relaxation with a wide span and a very high backrest that takes the whole head. He chose a cantilever foot in the shape of a triangle to prevent the feet from sinking into the ground or sand. 

Around 2013, retail chains also started to launch their version of the Acapulco Chair, with more or less qualitative finishes. It also takes different names, such as Copacabana Armchair or Scoubidou Armchair. So how to define the real Acapulco Armchair? 

What is a real Acapulco Chair? 

Legally speaking, there can be no original Acapulco chair as there is no designer or official manufacturing license and there are many different shaped chairs. 

As a manufacturer of Acapulco chairs, we are often asked this question. We are often told that there are many copies of the chair, often poorly made and at very different prices.

For Boqa, a real Acapulco chair has the following dimensions 

  • the span is between 74 and 80 centimeters wide;
  • the depth of the backrest is 1 meter;
  • the central round where the thread passes is perfectly round and measures between 8 and 10 centimeters;
  • the outer round is ovoid, pear-shaped with a wide seat that narrows at the back;
  • the structure is made of round steel of about 12 mm; 
  • the wire is solid and has a diameter of 5 mm.

The choice of a quality polyvinyl rope with shape memory, allows a comfortable seating and a great resistance to guarantee a long life to our armchairs. Finally, the braiding is done by hand to ensure perfect execution.