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Collaborations with talented designers

For us, creation was a desire, something natural. The daily handling of our materials, our imagination, has naturally pushed us to want to create and design new furniture.

Successive meetings have led us to continue to collaborate with designers, graphic designers and architects from all walks of life, because we value these mutual exchanges, a source of discovery and continuous learning. Here is a non-exhaustive list of architects, designers, who have contributed to the Boqa adventure throughout the seasons.

Margaux Keller

Instructed by the design school ENSAAMA Olivier de Serres then by the school Boulle, she currently works on her own as a designer of products and spaces for brands such as Yves Saint Laurent Beauty, Roche Bobois, La Redoute, Habitat, the CFOC concept store, publishers and galleries, etc., designing spaces for private and public spaces (shops). , offices, apartments, villas, etc ...). Concerning her creations for BOQA, the Nacre collection launched in 2020, she is inspired by a shell shape in which one would come to sit, at the edge of a swimming pool, on a terrace, by the sea.

Product Designer - Space Designer 
ENSAAMA Olivier de Serres - Ecole Boulle


All the imagination of the beach is summoned in the lines of the Nacre collection with the braiding reproducing the pearlescent effect by the degraded complementary colors.

François Bazenant

After a journey that some describe as a model, François Bazenant exercises his profession by seeking a utility in form. The object can not remain a simple exercise of style, but must absolutely contribute to bring well being in everyday life. Dreaming of shapes, and drawing his dream ... Van Gogh had thought of it, but in all modesty for the young designer ... Today, he finally exercises his creative fiber as a product designer and space, for Interior designers and a great design name: Christian Ghion.

His interest in the furniture of the 50's and 60's, and more particularly the plastic ring, will make François to notice our creations. A collaboration naturally takes place. 
In its creations, the plastic rod must not remain frozen in a "fifties" frame, but bend to a contemporary version of the design. François considers very little place to nostalgia to offer a cure of youth to a material passed in the collective memory.

It is at Maison & Objet 2015 that we discovered for the first time this innovative vision of our flagship material, especially with the coffee table "Veracruz" and small table "Tico".

Product Designer - Space Designer
Orléans IAV School

Site Web

Because it was them, because it was me

Octave Brand

When he was little, Octave Brand wanted to be an architect. He has always been impressed by beautiful shapes or original perspectives. Having become a welder, his inclinations quickly caught up with him.

Thanks to his worker's eye he could see the design of another eye, depending on the constraints or advantages of the metal he learned to know by heart. From an aesthetic point of view, octave brand looks for pure and smooth shapes. He likes to highlight the draw lines of the drawing by making them appear to the gaze.

Metal artist
Product design

At first I wanted to make a round, a square and a triangle, I started with the round. This is how the sonix was born. I have decided from the beginning to create a very clean round shelf. The braiding boqa lends itself perfectly to the form and gave it a vintage side that I adore. The first sound that came out is at home and I would not replace it for anything in the world! For the triangle and the square and well ... we'll see.

Philippe Gonnet

French architect and designer, he works independently since 1990 on projects of furniture, architecture and urban development.
n 1995 and 1997, the VIA finances and exhibits the chair "Ginette" the table "Cahouettes", the shelf "Totem" and the chair "G20 / 27". He collaborates on various furniture projects with Habitat, Grange, Protis, and Mobilab Gallery in Lausanne. He draws lighting and urban furniture for Valmont Sermetto, Decaux, Area. In architecture and interior design, he realizes projects of houses, apartments, restaurants, shops ...

In urban planning, he realizes many projects in the south of France. He defends a modest design, without mannerism, where meaning and use guide above all form. He lives and works today on the island of Barthelasse in Avignon.

DPLG Architect
Interior architecture, Design
Site Web

I designed the Montevideo as a bird cage, with fine bars and its fine structure. Between the chest and the console, both open and closed, it adapts with its 3 heights to several types of spaces and use. In an entrance, a room, a living room, it can be support of TV, support of objects, books, clothes, etc. Boqa revisits the classics of furniture "scoubidou", there is still so much to create ...

Emily Gunning

Emily Gunning is a Furniture designer from and living London. She designs a wide range of furniture and lighting for bespoke projects around the world, and has worked for some of the top companies within the furniture and interior design industry.Emily originally collaborated with Boqa in 2014, designing a range of lights to add to their collections. Due to the nature of the materials Boqa wanted Em to use, she thought it was important that the designs create interesting shadows, and were classic, simple designs but with a fun twist.

Product design

Interior design, space design

I wanted to create with the Pix lamp a modern and functional lamp, where you can create lights effects and produce a subdued ambience in the room. The "scoubidou" were naturally imposed itself as material to design this range of lights and thus my collaboration with Boqa started.

The Boqa Collective

The BOQA collective is a group of people internal to BOQA who design, shape, test and manufacture some of the models that will be offered tomorrow. Engineers, designers or simply design enthusiasts, we pool ideas and know-how to develop prototypes and then series models. Comfort, aesthetics, respect for lines and curves are at the heart of our development activity.

The values of the BOQA Design collective reflect their creations: simple, refined, functional and solid. Above all, we want to offer an aesthetic collection, playing with the finesse of the structure on which we will weave the yarn.

However, this play must not influence the quality of our furniture. Boqa furniture is that of one or even several generations and we want our furniture to last over time.

Once we have found inspiration in nature, our travels, our collective and individual universe, we systematically embark on this duality between purity and solidity.

The prototypes follow one another, the initial shape is turned upside down, stretched, mistreated until a perfect balance is found. A sum of constraints and a balancing act in short, which we like to engage in every year.


We do not pretend to become renowned designers. We are looking to offer original, comfortable and durable pieces. At this game, we are stronger around a collective.