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Our Colors

Since its beginnings, Boqa has been inspired by Mexican craftsmanship, design and folklore.  And as soon as we imagine Mexico, an explosion of colors is imposed on us. Thus, we wanted to offer a wide range of colors for our Acapulco Armchairs and all our other furniture. 

But more than that, colors define us, influence our emotions and perceptions, enrich our universes. The choice of color in decoration is decisive in order to create an atmosphere that resembles you. 

Boqa offers a complete range of furniture that comes in more than 26 different colors. These different shades are used alone or in combination, to create a universe that will integrate with your interiors and exteriors, while meeting your desires. 

Discover our entire color chart, some decorative inspirations and our collection.

Carré couleur Noir

1. Black

Elegant, Powerful, Attractive
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Couleur Blanc

2. White

Delicate, Light, Pure
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Couleur Beige

3. Beige - Acrylic material

Elegant, Classic, Neutral
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4. Linen

Elegant, Vegetal, Felted
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Couleur Gris Silex

5. Silex Grey

Soft, Neutral, Discreet
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Couleur Beige

6. Anthracite Grey

Intense, Mineral, Industrial
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Couleur Cuir

7. Leather

Raw, Natural, Bold
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Couleur Taupe

8. Taupe

Soft, Wild, Sober
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Couleur Terracotta

9. Terracotta 

Captivating, Natural, Authentic
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Couleur Pastel Coral ou Rose poudré

10. Pink Pastel

Delicate, Delicious, Coquet
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Couleur Magenta Fuchsia

11. Magenta Fuschsia

Female, Optimist, Aphrodisiac
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Couleur Rouge

12. Red

Passionate, Striking, Sensual
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Couleur Bordeaux

13. Bordeaux /Purple Red Burgundy

Theatrical, Serious, Noble
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14. Orange

Friendly, Dynamic, Invigorating
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Couleur Jaune Impérial

15. Imperial Yellow

Solar, Brilliant, Dynamic
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Couleur Jaune Moutarde

16. Mustard Yellow

Solar, Joyful, Luminous
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Couleur Vert Anis

17. Anis Green

Sparkling, Fresh, Candid
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Couleur Vert D'eau

18. Mint Green

Soothing, Serene, Carefree
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Couleur Vert Olive

19. Olive  Green

Mediterranean, Natural, Retro
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Couleur Vert Sauge

20. Sage Green

Deep, Natural, Wild
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Couleur Vert Épicéa

21. Spruce Green

Natural, Sweet, Warm
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Vert Turquoise

22. Turquoise Green

Energetic, Pure, Fresh
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Couleur Bleu Océan Bleu Canard

23. Blue Duck / Ocean Blue

Serious, Powerful, Sophisitcated
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Couleur Bleu Ciel

24. Sky Blue

Fresh, Peaceful, Cerebral 
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Couleur Bleu Fjord

25. Fjord Blue

Inspiriing, Spiritual, Frozen
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Couleur Bleu Nuit

26. Night Blue

Deep, Introspective, Mysterious
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