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Our values: the Human being is essential

BOQA's primary value is the human being, at the heart of the work, and BOQA's added value is well-being. The team of about ten people exchanges and shares a lot. 

This allows us to create lasting relationships between us, with our partners, and designers. In the same way, we forge real links with our clients, whether they are set designers, architects, interior designers or distributors in our network. 

These exchanges are a daily food, which feeds motivation, enthusiasm, creativity and dynamism. The many encounters and sharing are very rich and varied in this adventure. Design is an important point and Boqa wants to share it with customers. Indeed, this aesthetic value will offer its longevity to the product we value and for which we are concerned about maintenance.


The metal bars enter the workshop, just out of the steelworks. Placed on the 16-metre long workbench, they will slowly rush into the cutting station. The indicators used daily to adjust the cutting length ensure continuity and regularity, which are essential in the rest of the manufacturing process. Once the parts have been cut to the right length, they will be bent on discs of different sizes to create cylinders or on our bending table designed at the beginning of the adventure, which is now one of our main sources of expertise.

The cut and curved parts are then placed at the assembly stage. The templates come into play and will have two main functions during the design process. 
The first is the positioning of the parts which allows repeatability in the assembly and the second is the length control. 
A poorly cut part will be discarded at the time of assembly and will avoid any manufacturing defect. Grinding is the finishing step of the steel structure. 
This will give a smooth surface appearance and avoid possible blisters that would give the product an unfinished appearance.

The paint, black or white as standard, is obtained by powder coating. 
It is epoxy powder baked at 200°. A first anti-corrosion layer is applied, also called polyzinc. It prevents the appearance of rust on the metal structure. 
The second coat offers a matt or glossy finish colour

Braiding is at the heart of our expertise. The years of realization have allowed us to really master this know-how. 
Our materials and their flexibility do not allow us to make the same braiding as rattan or braided fibre.
This constraint, which is a source of creation for us, is now completely mastered and we have developed a know-how that allows us to create year after year more technical parts.

The materials

At the origin of Boqa's creations, we find metal and polyvinyl. The first represents the structure, the body, the skeleton, the soul, the bottom. The second symbolizes form, spirit, dress, finish. These are our heart materials that we have enjoyed working with and shaping since our inception. 

Polyvinyl is our trademark, our brand, the material that makes us recognizable, where we have a unique knowledge and where our added value lies. Available in 22 shades, neutral or pastels, soft or bright to create the furniture that meets your expectations. 

We find the plastic rush in all our creations, and even in our latest creations where the plastic thread mainly comes to highlight and sign our creation. 

Gradually, we wanted to integrate new materials: wood (oak), leather with lace and full skin, glass, and recently natural fibres (hemp).

Polyvinyl chloride (P.V.C)

Mustard Yellow
Lime green
Mint green
Turquoise green
Sage green
Olive green
Sky Blue
Night Blue
Fjord Blue
Ocean Blue
Silex Grey


Natural leather TAN


Braided Linen
Chanvre tresse Boqa