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BOQA Story

From idea to import Acapulco chair:

When Julien emigrates twelve years ago to Mexico, he does not know that more than a decade later, this trip will always mark his life on a daily basis. He then discovers the country like many of his compatriots: tacos, quesadillas, beaches and all the beauties of this country.

Sensitized to the design by her mother, the craft particularly draws her attention. The colorful ceramics of Metepec, the Equipals that found on the lively terraces of Socalo, the Catherinas de Guanjuato and the Acapulco chair that we see here and there in patios and gardens.

It comes to him the idea to import this chair that he did not have the chance to see in Europe.

He looked for the history of the Acapulco chair. Having no designer or original manufacturer, the design of this product is open. There are therefore no constraints around its marketing. The manufacturers are numerous and each have their standard and level of quality, which complicates the choice of a partner.

Julien defines his own quality standard, raises the necessary funds and organizes the first production. The 17 of February of the year 2011 the first container leaves the port of Veracruz towards Bordeaux. This is the first import of Acapulco chair: Boqa is launched!

A few months later and after a great commercial success it is a new step that promises for Boqa, the French Manufacturing. The import of armchairs is complicated, limits the colors proposed and constrains the development. Boqa transforms from importer to Acapulco Chair manufacturer.

The creation of an Acapulo chair manufacturing workshop:

Julien then finds a French partner for the manufacture of plastic rod. He develops and manufactures with him the material corresponding to a precise specification. Comfort, mechanical strength, flexibility, weather resistance are all criteria that must meet the 80 meters of plastic rope used to make a chair.

A first welding template is produced in collaboration with a locksmith to comply with the standards that Julien had defined for the Acapulco Boqa chair. The first structures go to the painter specializing in powder coating that will provide a high quality finish in both the appearance of the paint as the holding in time.

Boqa then invests a modest workshop, and Julien creates a braiding workshop that becomes the added value of Boqa unique in Europe. A first template designed to weave the Acapulco chairs is made, the first explanatory sheets to know how to do are written and the tools are minutiously selected for the manufacturing to be robust.

After this first season to manufacture Acapulco chairs, Boqa begins the development of new products, complementary as the Acapulco sofa, but also lamps designed by Emilie Gunning. Boqa really becomes a manufacturer of furniture with various pieces and broadens its know-how.

From Acapulco Chair Manufacturer to Furniture Manufacturer:

Boqa equips a first Hotel, the Best Western of Meudon la Foret, then a first restaurant at Le Mans with a terrace and a lounge area completely covered with BOQA chair and armchair. Then come prestigious places, the Hotel des bains d'arguin; the Annecy Palace or the Teutou restaurant during the Vanity Fair celebrations during the Cannes Film Festival.

All these places of high demands of quality, resistance, design confirms the appeal of Boqa furniture. They are most of the time accompanied by renowned interior design agencies such as the MOHA Agency, India Madhavi.

The enthusiasm of the professionals for the Boqa furniture forces to enlarge the workshop, in order to be able to realize important orders in parallel and without disturbing the production intended for the particular customer. the small workshop of 70 square meters quintuple in size and becomes a multidisciplinary.

Boqa's locksmith demand exceeds the capabilities of the partner. The integration of this knowledge becomes key in the development of Boqa. This makes it possible to continue to develop the models in a faster way and above all to ensure the necessary production flexibility to be commercially reactive.

Over time other materials and therefore new know-how will be integrated. Wood, glass, leather, linen, it is as reichesse that Boqa teams enjoy working to discover and come to offer customers a catalog that meets specific expectations.

From Furniture manufacturer to Design House:

It is in partnership with the VIA "French association for the valorization of the innovation in the furniture" and a one year work on its artistic identity that Boqa defines this editorial line, with a real commitment: "The development in a holistic approach. The creations of Boqa over the years assemble with a coherence, and follow a thread that had to materialize.

What is the specificity of Boqa: House of Design and Manufacturer, Boqa wishes to make furniture "beautiful, resistant and comfortable" in a holistic spirit. Keeping a foot in manufacturing, in distribution, in design without taking the place of the different actors is the challenge of Boqa.

This allows to stay connected and enrich the debate and issues. To discuss ergonomics with the designer, to understand the problems of manufacturing and also the difficulties of distribution.

Boqa Design House selects and works with designers from varied backgrounds through meetings and thanks to the open-mindedness of its management team, this publishing house remains available and welcoming.

At the origin of Boqa

Julien Adam

Founder of Boqa

By manufacturing our entire range of furniture in France, we want to control the quality of our products and manufacturing times, but also the entire creative process.

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After a specialization in Supply Chain at the E.S.C Toulouse, Julien decides to expatriate to Mexico to work with a renowned automotive supplier. It is at this precise moment in 2008, that Julien will meet Nicolas. Expatriate too, he tried the Mexican adventure too. He will then continue his journey with an international logistics forwarder. After 4 years in Mexico, Julien decides to return to France. During this long stay in Mexico, he discovered Mexican crafts and in particular the Acapulco armchair. This iconic model born in the 50s and with a timeless design seduces him and he decides to market this jewel of Mexican Design. With a manufacturer from Mexico, Julien is developing an Acapulco a little less elongated for a more comfortable seat, and equipped with a new base, removable and stackable. This is the start of the Boqa adventure. Today Boqa manufactures and markets around fifty models originating from plastic rods and the Acapulco armchair. 22 colors and 3 braiding materials complete the range of indoor and outdoor furniture. The Boqa adventure has just begun ...

Nicolas Garet

Founder of Boqa

In this adventure, we exceed our limits every year and we are still surprised by the extent of our success today.

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After a specialization in Purchasing at ESSEC, Nicolas mechanical engineer graduated from UTC goes to the Czech Republic then Mexico. After this first experience Nicolas works in several companies where he approaches positions of product manager and marketing department. In his last post Nicolas and his first team learned about the joy of management. It is the passion to touch everything that pushes to join Julien in his entrepreneurial adventure. Little adventure that will become big and that today took them into the development of an international business.

Boqa in some dates

Launch of the Boqa adventure
November 2010
The Boqa adventure starts in November 2010. After 4 years in Mexico, Julien has the idea of reviving a jewel of Mexican design: the Acapulco armchair. Thus the first container was imported from Mexico in February of the following year.

Boqa starts manufacturing: 1st French producer of Acapulco Armchairs
July 2012
After a promising start as an international trade intermediary, Boqa has chosen to innovate and change its business strategy. Aware of the slowdown in the import of Mexican furniture in terms of lead times, quality and restocking, Boqa is launching a 100% artisanal production on French soil. Objective: control the entire production chain from a to z and be as responsive as possible to meet the expectations of its customers.

The Boqa range is expanding
September 2013
Wishing to continue the legacy of the Acapulco armchair, Boqa is gradually developing its range by offering 6 to 8 new models per year in the famous PVC material: scoubidou yarn. Gradually, tables, chairs and even deckchairs complete Boqa's range, making it possible to create a real universe in indoor or outdoor.

Leather is part of the Boqa range
January 2015
In January 2015, leather, a material symbolizing quality and excellence, was added to PVC. Offered for braiding in addition to Polyvinil, it offers exceptional comfort and seating and is part of Boqa's diversification strategy.

Workshop in Saint Loubès
April 2016
Boqa has been growing for 5 years, and is moving and opening its new workshop in Saint Loubès, in the Bordeaux region. This modern and functional 400 m2 work space meets Boqa's new challenges in terms of production and logistics.

New braiding colours in the catalogue
April 2016
3 new PVC colours are launched: Ocean Blue, Pastel Coral and Water Green. A simple objective: to offer a piece of furniture that looks like its customers and adapts to their respective worlds.

Linen completes the range
January 2017
At the beginning of 2017, linen rope was added to the braiding materials and three other colours appeared: Fjord Blue, Olive Green, Silex Grey.