The Origins: French Touch and Mexican Design

Those who know Mexico know how magical this country is. Its culture, rather its cultures, its mixture of Mesoamerican traditions and Hispanic influences make this land a unique place of discovery and exchange. The mix of colors is everywhere. In architecture where the yellow and copper ochres mingle with the cobalt blue of the colonial buildings. On the markets, where stands of grenades, mangoes and guavas succeed each other in harmony. In the nature too, where the turquoise of the Caribbean Sea rivals beauty with the verdant Barranca del Cobre.

Exploring the Mexican crafts, we discovered the Acapulco chair and its variations in the workshops. From this country is born our inspiration. Initiated to Mexican weaving techniques and attracted by the bright and warm colors encountered, BOQA grew by re-publishing certain pieces of furniture, and developing its own creations.

French Made

The success of the beginning of our commercialization, as well as the presentation of the Acapulco armchair in the traveling exhibition of Mexican furniture "Cajas en transito", which took place between 2008 and 2010, has strengthened us in the interest of continuing in this wau; The original objective being to make available the design and retro models of the Acapulco armchair by focusing on our favorite and a unique experience with Mexican craftsmen.

Today, the production of the Acapulco chair by BOQA and the entire range is made 100% in France. The cutting, bending and braiding operations are carried out in our workshops, located not far from Bordeaux. Painting and welding are subcontracted to craftsmen and partners with whom we collaborate in Gironde and France.This allows us to check the quality of our chairs, tables and armchairs. In this way we have better management of our stocks and color mix products.

Indeed, the Mexican tables and armchairs, as well as the whole BOQA range, are made to order in less than 48 hours and this contributes to the added value of BOQA: Quality, wide choice of colors, immediate availability of products and development New models of chairs, tables and armchairs allow us to satisfy a growing demand. We also create many tailor-made models, at the request of our customers or corresponding to original projects, both in the choice of materials and that of the colors.

Our vision

Every year we develop new models, keeping in mind technical constraints, aesthetics and comfort. Our open-mindedness and creativity prompts us to innovate and integrate new trends from Mexico and elsewhere.

As a result, new collaborations with young European designers contribute to the creation of design models that will gradually complete our selection of furniture. Trustworthy relationships with interior designers and interior designers also lead us to think about new horizons in order to offer you, with their collaboration, original spaces and projects.


At the beginning of Boqa

julien adam
julien adam

Julien Adam

Founder of Boqa

"By manufacturing all our furniture in France, we wish to handle the quality of our products and the manufacturing time but also the whole process of creation"


After a Master Degree in Supply Chain at the E.S.C Toulouse, Julien decides to go to Mexico to work with a renowned automotive equipment maker. At this precise moment in 2008, Julien became acquainted with Nicolas. After 4 years in Mexico, Julien decided to go back in France. During this long stay in Mexico, he discovered the Mexican crafts and especially the Acapulco armchair. This iconic model born in the 50's and timeless design seduces him and he decides to market this jewel of Mexican Design. With a manufacturer in Mexico City, Julien develops a slightly less elongated Acapulco for a more comfortable seating, with a new, removable and stackable base. This is the beginning of the Boqa adventure. Today Boqa manufactures and sells around fifty models with plastic rod and the Acapulco armchair. 18 colors and 3 plaiting materials complete the range of indoor and outdoor furniture. The Boqa adventure just begins ...

nicolas garet
Nicolas Garet

Nicolas Garet

Founder of Boqa

"In this adventure, we overpass our limits every year and we are still surprised by our constant growing success"


After a Master Degree in Purchasing Management at ESSEC, Nicolas mechanical engineer graduated from UTC headed for the Czech republic and then Mexico. After this first experience, Nicolas works in several companies where he is close to the positions of product manager and marketing department. In his last position Nicolas is initiated with his first team to the joy of management. It is the passion to touch everything that drives him to join Julien in his entrepreneurial adventure. Small adventure that will become great and which today they are taking them in the devellopment of an international furniture company.

  • 2010

    Launch of the Boqa adventure

    November 2010

    The Boqa adventure starts in November 2010. After 4 years in Mexico, Julien has the idea to put back on current tast a flagship of Mexican design: the Acapulco armchair. This is how the first container is imported from Mexico in February of the following year.

  • 2012

    Boqa launches the first French manufacturer of Acapulco chair

    July 2012

    After a promising start as an international trade intermediary, Boqa chose to innovate and change its business strategy. Being aware of the impediment of importing Mexican furniture in terms of deadlines, quality and reassortment, Boqa embarked on a 100% craft production on French soil. Goal: to control the entire production chain from a to z and be as responsive as possible to meet the expectations of its customers.

  • 2013

    The Boqa range is expanding

    September 2013

    Following the legacy of the Acapulco chair, Boqa is gradually developing its piece of furniture offering 6 to 8 new models per year in the famous PVC based products. Progressively, tables, chairs and even deckchairs complete the range of Boqa, making it possible to create a real universe in indoor or outdoor.

  • 2015

    Leather is added

    January 2015

    In January 2015, leather, a material symbolizing quality and excellence, is added to the PVC. Offered for plaiting in addition to Polyvinil, it gives exceptional comfort and seating and is part of Boqa's diversification strategy.

  • 2016

    Workshop in Saint Loubès

    April 2016

    Boqa has been growing for the last 5 years and is inaugurating its new workshop in Saint Loubès, in the Bordeaux region. This modern and functional 400 m2 workspace is a new answer for the Boqa's new challenges, in terms of production or logistics.

  • 2016

    New colors for braiding

    April 2016

    3 new PVC colors are launched: Blue Ocean, Pastel Coral and Green water With a very simple objective: offering a furniture that looks like its customers and that fits to their respective universes.

  • 2017

    Hemp is added

    January 2017

    At the beginning of 2017, hemp is added to the braiding materials and three other colors emerge: Blue Fjord, Olive Green, Silex Gray.

The values


Our values: the Human is capital

The prime value of BOQA is the human, at the heart of the work, and the added value of BOQA's well being. The team of about ten people exchanges and shares a lot.

This allows us to create lasting relationships between us, our partners, and designers. In the same way, with our customers we create real links whether they are architectural designers, interior designers or distributors of our network.

These exchanges are a daily food, which nourishes the motivation, the craze, the creativity and the dynamism. The encounters and many sharing are very rich and varied in this adventure. Design is an important point and Boqa wants to share it with customers. Indeed, this aesthetic value will offer its longevity to the product to which we hold and for which we are concerned about maintenance.

The Making

Cutting and Bending

The metal bars go into the workshop, just out of the steel mills. Placed on the workbench 16 meters long they will gently sink into the cutting station.

The controls used daily to adjust the cutting length ensure continuity and consistency, essential in the rest of the manufacturing process

The pieces once cut to the right length will be bent on discs of various sizes to create cylinders or on our bending table designed at the beginning of the adventure and which is today one of our main sources of know-how .


Welding and Grinding

Cut and curved parts are then placed at the assembly. Templates come into play and will have two main functions during the design process

A badly cut part will be discarded at the time of assembly and will avoid any failure of realization. Grinding, is the finishing step of the steel structure.

This will result in a smooth surface appearance and avoid possible blistering which would give an unfinished appearance to the product.



The paint, black or white is obtained by thermo-coating.

The epoxy powder is baked at 200 °. A first anti-corrosion layer is applied, also called polyzinc. It avoids the appearance of rust on the metal structure.

The second layer offers a matte or gloss finish color.



Braiding is the core of our expertise. Our experience of making allowed us to really master this know-how.

Our material and its flexibility cannot make it possible to realize the same braiding as the rattan or the braided fiber.

This creative constraint for us is now completely mastered and we have developed a know-how which allows us today to create more and more technical parts year after year.


The materials

At the origin of the creations of Boqa, we find metal and polyvinyl. First represents the structure, the body, the skeleton, the soul, the background. The second symbolizes the form, the spirit, the habit, the finishing. These are our heart materials that we have enjoyed working and shaping since our beginnings.

Polyvinyl is our trademark, our label, the material that makes us recognizable, where we have unique knowledge and where our added value lies. Available in 18 shades, neutral or pastels, soft or vivid to create the furniture that meets your expectations.

We find the plastic ring in all our creations, and even in our latest creations where the plastic thread mainly comes to emphasize and sign our creation.

Progressively, we wanted to integrate new materials: wood (oak), leather in lace and full skin, glass, and lately natural fibers (hemp).

Polyvinyl Chloryde (P.V.C)

The Classics

Green Anis
Green Water
Sky Blue
Ocean Blue

The Unpublished

Fjord Blue
Green Olive
Grey Silex



Leather TAN

Leather canvas *

Leather canvas
cuir naturel boqa
Plain brown leather canvas
toile de cuir brun lisse boqa

* Only available on order and on Acapulco, Celestun ski metal and Celestun ski wood models.


Hemp stranded
Chanvre Toronne Boqa
Hemp woven
Chanvre tresse Boqa