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Maison & Objet 2014! BOQA present the lamp Acid! - 27 January 2014

Boqa has told you at the beginning of Maison & Objet 2014, the French outdoor furniture specialist will launch luminaires. With Emily Gunning featuring designer BOQA realize new products and focuses initially on the lamps on foot.

If you follow the news via Twitter, Pinterest or more traditionally Facebook, you could see some stealth pictures of prototypes before the launch . BOQA is pleased to present you in this rich period for new products and creation which is Maison et Objet 2014.

This is the aerian side of BOQA style that we wished to exploite when creating luminaire. The aerian side and also the shadows and light created by the plastic thread forming shadows projected lines onto floors, walls and ceilings surrounding the light source. Boqa was already playing with the famous Acapulco chair for the light game effect between the center circle and the plastic thread which extend outwardly as a form of sun.

The Acapulco chair already was shiny on the terraces and into the gardens. The brightness chairs and tables actually show their potential of light game in the indoor environment with natural and artificial lights that can cross structures, foundations and braids. The Pix lamp remind also the design of Acapulco and Huatulco armchair chair with its round shape and its projected shadow.

The Acid lamp with its angular shapes remind a diamond. It give a nervous and dynamic aspect that BOQA is not used and brings new lines to the design of the brand. The format with a height of 75 cm gives a modularity between the desk lamp, table lamp and floor lamp . The Acid is available on request in multicolored version and we hope to present you soon several models of Acid in two or three colors .

For all interior designers , we have a service to customize with colors, structures, adapted to the harmonious atmosphere that you create for your customers. We will be happy to answer your questions and advise you . We invite you to contact us via our contact form at contact (at)

For more news luminaires Boqa you can follow us on Twitter or Facebook and find all our publications with # lumboqa.

23 - January 2014 Maison & Objet edition with BOQA and Emily Gunning lights

Boqa get famous for the original design of the Acapulco chair, and the extension of the Acapulco chair with the sofa Acapulco two and three places. With the coffee table and the outdoor chair, armchair and lounger, BOQA was essentially present in the outdoor environment.

For 2014 Maison&Objet edition in Paris, Boqa wanted to present something different on this point and out of our standard. Nevertheless we wanted to keep the plastic thread line that we had from the beginning wish is part of the identity of BOQA workshop.

For this occasion BOQA worked with Emily Gunning, a young designer from London and asked to get in the indoor environment, around living room, office, kitchen in order to get out of the traditional Terrace, swimming pool and garden. Emily Gunning offer us to work on floor light, with symbol of the light environment such as projector, and bulb. But you will discover her work soon as we will show it during this week on the page Floor Lamp.

Boqa initially was working on outdoor furniture and in order to follow this idea, we will work to make those lamp outside with the electric conformity on this constraint. In order to get your swimming pool, terrace, and outdoor dining room lighted in a comfortable mood such as BOQA is use to offer. To stay inform about that activities and have news about our design, you can connect with our Facebook page and our twitter account.

The multicolor Acapulco chair - 07/11/2013

You want to have a classical design of a 50's chair but you want it to be unique. Choose your colors and make your own. Boqa offers you the possibility to create your model of the Acapulco chair. You can mix two to eleven colors and soon up to fourteen.

Maïwen 5 years old chose marvelous color such as orange, pink and yellow to make her own mini Acapulco chair. The result looks like a sweet and we can imagine that will be wonderful in a girly place with dolls and games.

With combination of colors, the Liwit shelf and the kitchen unit HH are already presented in multicolor version. We will continue to present the model realized by our customer on our Facebook page.

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